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The Legacy

Spring 2021

The existing IBM Building, originally designed by Mies van der Rohe has historical significance that should be honored, appreciated, and celebrated - similar to the way a legacy would be. Additionally, Chicago is known for having a rich sports culture with various teams leaving an everlasting impact on the sports industry, specifically the Chicago Bulls. Most well known for their two-time three-peat, legends Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, and coach Phil Jackson. The Legacy Hotel honors both the architectural accomplishments of Mies van der Rohe with hints of his design taste while also celebrating the accomplishments of the Chicago Bulls organization in the featured space.

THREE Restaurant, Bar, and Lounge is a mature, high-end sports bar for guests to watch all sporting events and enjoy high-quality food. Each viewing area has its own atmosphere: the restaurant serving as a more formal setting where children are allowed to join in on the fun, a bar which is a more energetic and intense environment, and the lounge which is a more exclusive viewing area - similar to a club level experience.

Project Type



Chicago, Illinois


13 weeks





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